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Hot Weather Policy

Hot Weather Policy

While most campuses have air conditioning, the school also has a hot weather policy. Early dismissal for hot weather is determined at the local level.

  • Students may be dismissed at 12.30 pm on days when the forecast maximum is 39°C or higher, or
  • The class may be cancelled before it starts if the estimated maximum temperature is 40°C.

The policy takes into account factors which include location, building design and whether or not the school is equipped with air conditioning.

The early dismissal of students, in accordance with the school’s hot weather policy, will be subject to parents having given the school written permission, renewable annually, for their children to be dismissed early. Students who do not have written permission from their parents must be adequately supervised at the school.

Arrangements must comply with a school policy, determined in consultation with the school council, endorsed by the Principal and conveyed, in writing, to parents at least once annually.

Staff remain on duty on days of early dismissal.

Sun smart policy

To minimise the danger of ultraviolet radiation exposure for children, the school has the following sun smart policy:

  • encourages students to play in shaded areas
  • requires students to wear sunscreen when playing out classrooms
  • requires students to wear appropriate sun protective clothing and broad-brimmed hats – no hat, no play.



  • 如果当天的天气预报显示最高温度在39度或以上,可以考虑取消下午的课程。
  • 如果当天的天气预报显示最高温度在40度,当天全天的课程可以提前取消。







  • 鼓励学生在阴凉处玩耍。
  • 要求学生在室外玩耍时擦防晒霜。
  • 要求学生穿着适合的防晒衣物,带宽边太阳帽。不戴帽子,不能出去玩。