MP Keith Wolahan Visited Eastern Chinese Language School

In an exciting and enriching event this past Saturday, our school had the privilege of welcoming MP Keith Wolahan to our premises. The students were abuzz with enthusiasm as they interacted with a guest who not only shared their academic space but also their eagerness for learning. The visit turned into a remarkable exchange of ideas and cultures.

Eager to display their talents, students showcased their promotional posters to MP Wolahan. These vibrant displays served as introductions to the captivating city of Melbourne for their families in China. The posters thoughtfully guided them through the city’s renowned attractions and offered recommendations for savoring global culinary delights. Impressed by the students’ efforts, MP Wolahan lauded them as “little cultural promotion ambassadors,” commending their role in connecting two distinct cultures, effectively bridging the East and the West.

Our dedicated teacher took this occasion to shed light on our community Chinese language program. The unique aspect of our school is not only its authentic environment for fostering Chinese language skills and cultural understanding but also its role as a nexus for celebrating our diverse heritage and history. Eastern Chinese Language School provides an opportunity for the families and communities to appreciate the significance of maintaining our linguistic and cultural traditions within the school’s nurturing environment.

Subsequently, MP Wolahan was cordially invited to partake in an immersive cultural lesson. This interactive session delved into the historical evolution of Chinese ceramics, unveiling the two primary categories that define this ancient art form. Students enthusiastically absorbed insights into renowned styles such as Three-Colour Ceramics from the Tang Dynasty, as well as the Ming and Qing Dynasty’s Qinghua porcelain. Symbolic meanings attached to various patterns were explored; for instance, the horse symbolising faithfulness and the crane embodying harmony. As an engaging activity, students fashioned their own designs, leaving MP Wolahan astounded by their creativity. Their masterpieces effortlessly melded Australian cultural motifs with Chinese icons, harmoniously epitomising diversity.

Both MP Wolahan and our students reveled in the exceptional experience that unfolded throughout the day. This visit not only strengthened our ties with our local representative but also underscored the significance of cultural exchange and preservation within our educational setting. Such interactions not only broaden our horizons but also remind us of the invaluable connections we can forge between distinct traditions and cultural backgrounds.